For a while now, I have been helping people to understand who they are, and who they can be.

I am a Chartered Psychologist and a HCPC registered Health Psychologist. In 2010, I introduced a new model of identity construction in my book Identity, Health and Women (Palgrave McMillan). This new model emerged from my extensive work on health identity and narrative psychology.

Since then, I have worked with individuals and groups.

Who do I work with?

I work with successful people who want to go further but know something is holding them back. People who are used to working outside their comfort zone, but are blocked or at a crossroads. They have been coached, had mentoring and cannot put their finger on what is stopping them from moving forward. After an initial introduction to understand how you can benefit from my model and to make sure we can work together, I will work one-to-one with you in session per week for eight weeks to equip you with:

  • an insight into how your identity was constructed
  • a template for your personal identity life story
  • visualisation to identify who you can be
  • a beat sheet for your future
  • a new identity map
  • a blueprint to manage future change

The content for our work together includes:

  • A full slideshow workbook about identity construction for you to keep
  • Downloadable worksheets to track your progress
  • Four videos from me about identity construction
  • Presentation and discussion of case studies
  • In depth explanation about the theories behind my work made simple
  • Further reading and reference materials
  • A group to share your experiences with

I also work with companies and organisations to advise on change projects.

How much will this cost?

Until now, I have taken personal recommendations only. With the ability to work hybrid following the pandemic, I am able to open my practice

In January 2024 I will launch a self serve course with a change workbook and 30+ modules that will help you to understand how you became who you are today, and how you can make changes.