NaNoWriMo comes to Oldham! Join us in November…

In conjunction with Oldham Libraries I’m bringing NaNoWriMo to Oldham. If you want to write your novel with us during Worldwide National Novel Writing Month in November sign up as follows:

– If you’re not already a member, sign up here
– Make your ‘Home region’ Europe: England: Elsewhere
– Find the forum thread ‘Welcome to Oldham’ and introduce yourself there

There are also write-ins on Thursday evenings – the first one is 25th October and is a Start-Up where you can com e along and ask us anything about NaNoWriMo and writing. It’s free, but places are limited so get your ticket here

What will happen?

Whether you are joining us online or in person you will write every day and upload your wordcount to the site.

The forum is available for chat and we will also interact on Twitter and Instagram with the #NaNoWriMoOldham hashtag

During November 2018 we will attempt to write 50000 words. That sounds a lot doesn’t it? But if you divide it out it’s 1667 words per day. Still sound a lot? DON’T WORRY! You can write as much or as little as you like, the important thing is to get into a ‘writing habit’.

There will be fun activities like word prompts and word races and ‘plotter or pantster’ discussions. You’ll meet other writers, me for a start, virtually or in person and have the opportunity to see just how many people love writing from every corner of the world.

I haven’t written anything before.

This can be where you start. This can be the beginning of your beautiful relationship with writing, where you will discover your talent and your commitment and dedication and persistence. This could be where you find your voice and are able to express yourself in a way your could not before. Give it a go. If it isn’t, you haven’t lost anything.

What if I miss a day?

It doesn’t matter! You can either catch up or not. It’s up to you and it’s just for fun. If you are up for the challenge you could even have a higher target, or a lower one.

Can my novel be about anything?

Yes. It can be any genre, any subject.

Will I have to read it out loud?

If you come to the write-ins there may be an opportunity to read a small extract of your novel, but only if you want to. Many people are not ready to share their work, and we fully respect that.

We want this experience to be fun. There is no pressure to complete 50k words, any target is fine. It’s a great opportunity to network with other writers and to chat about writing. Any level of writing experience is welcome and if you don’t want to attend in person please consider signing up to our region and contributing words – if we get enough participants in 2o18, Oldham will have its own official region in 2019.

See you there!