The Agreement – and why I care about what readers think

The first review is in for The Agreement and I cried with relief.

Reviewer Michelle said on Goodreads:

Thank you to Jacqueline Ward, and Bloodhound Books for this amazing e-ARC.

I fully enjoyed this fast paced domestic thriller. I finished it in one day. I could not stop reading until I found out what the hell was going on.

This book has a very clever plot, lots of twists, and kept me guessing and wondering throughout.

There was so much going on in the storyline that it’s hard to give a synopsis, but I had no trouble keeping up with everything bc the writing is done so well.

I highly recommend this book! I loved it!

I can’t thank Michelle enough, because one of the main reasons I write psychological thrillers is because I love to read them. I want readers to feel the same way I do about other writers’ work – that it-can-wait-until-this-book-is finished feeling, and thinking about the book, even when I am not reading it.

The Agreement is not my first novel, but it never gets any easier, because reading is so subjective and all I can do is write my story and hope it touches people. With The Agreement, I felt it deeper writing it as Kate, the protagonist, is an everyday kind of person and what she does near the beginning of the novel has resonated with so many people I have mentioned it to.

So what does she do?

One day a few years ago, I was in Manchester city centre with my friend Sarah. We were talking about writing ideas, and I told her my ‘seed’ for my next novel. I was a bit desperate as the ideas hadn’t been flowing, but this single concept kept coming back to me.

What if instead of going home, you kept on driving?

She loved it, and I developed it into a firmer idea. Every time I ran it by someone, they would look intently at me and say: I’ve done that or I’ve thought about doing that

And that resonation with everyday people is what I look for in novels I read, and in novels I write.

This isn’t a spoiler, because in The Agreement this is the first in a rollercoaster of events that happen.

Thanks again to Michelle for connecting and leaving a review.

I hope you love it too!

The Agreement is available for pre-order here