The Replacement is a bestseller!

When I started writing I never dreamt that one of my novels would become a best-seller.

I love writing. I love creating worlds and characters. I also love hearing what readers think.

Last week Bloodhound Books emailed me congratulating me at The Replacement climbing the Top 100 Amazon Charts. I was absolutely thrilled and amazed, and the amount of people who have bought it is staggering. And that’s what really matters to me. I want to write stories people love to read.

Much of this is because I love to read. I love to read crime and psychological thrillers, and I hope I am giving readers the same experience I get.

So thank you if you bought The Replacement. It’s now adorned with a bestseller sticker! The Agreement is also out now and getting good reviews. If you haven’t read it yet, you can get it here…