More main character worries – whose voice is it anyway?

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Inevitably, it’s back to writing! I’m three chapters in on the ‘must make my main character sympathetic’ novel. Yesterday was an epic event as I was in a foul mood and yet I managed to come up with a compelling opening paragraph and a new title! Still, after all the messing around I had to […]

UK Politics, Women and a touch of success.

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Oh my goodness! This week marked a ‘first’ in my life. For the first time ever I had no faith in any political party, not even secretly. I have been slightly distracted from my moanaholicism this week because I have been basking in the success of my identity book contract, and slightly enjoying the puzzled […]

Identity, Women and Health: a new perspective to be published

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I received an email yesterday telling me that my book will be published. It was a defining moment in my life, for deeper reasons that the buzz of ‘being published’. About twelve years ago I wrote a book about the experiences of women who had endured domestic violence. I prepared a proposal and three chapters […]

Climbing a mountain……..

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Today, tonight and tomorrow mark the Winter Solstice. This is a deeply significant time for me as the shortest day and the longest night mark the peak of my year. The difficult march up the slopes of the year since last summer have been woven through with happiness and synchronicity. I asked and I was […]

Don’t blame it on love……..

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Still on the subject of writing and storytelling, I (and many other writers) have realised that there is a link between storytelling and psychology. Apart from my own PhD study which I have explained in the last blog, there have been many psychologists that write who have made a strong connection between identity and storytelling. […]