Sex, death and choice

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I stepped away from the internet and the TV on Tuesday this week, and returned on Friday. During that time the amount of information I saturated my mind with decreased, and I was able to prioritise. Two pieces of information took precedence, and both were about choice. The first was Terry Pratchett’s documentary about assisted […]

Books and resonance – mind reading and making it up

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Luckily for me books are very popular! You can see people everywhere reading books – at the bus stop, in a cafe, on their lunch break, all avidly reading someone else’s thoughts. As every writer knows, the characters they create are made up – fictional, if you will – and the extent that a part […]

Sex and the City – the clue’s in the title

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Apparently Twitter and Blogsphere exploded yesterday as the film ‘Sex and the City Two’ premiered. Unfortunately I was too busy working, writing, thinking about my hot flushes and buying clothes for an impending grandchild to take part. In a twist of fate, my daughter produced a ticket for me to go to my local multiplex […]

Writing relationship conflict – Darling, Is this Love?

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The violets explode inside me When I meet your eyes Then I’m spinning And I’m diving Like a cloud Of starlings Darling, Is this love? This lyric from the opening track, Starlings, of the Mercury prize winning Elbow album, The Seldom Seen Kid, is the perfect description of romantic love for me. Lyrics have always […]

On Love…….

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It’s Christmas time and traditionally a time for relaxation and spending time with those we love. I’m interested in dialectics and because Christmas is such a focus point for relationships and all the happiness that comes with freedom to spend time with family and friends, there is inevitably another opposite pole to all the festivities. […]

It’s not all sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll….

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A popular discussion amongst writers is audience. The constant dilemma of who to write for is the subject of many a heated debate and there are two sides to this story. From a genre point of view, the type of book being written must correlate with a responsive, resonating audience. Conversely, the audience demand dictates […]