#100daysofwriting 2019 Day 19

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Patience. It was all going so well. Too well. My writing tackles difficult subjects while still trying to keep the shape of the embedded stories that resonate with readers. In my current WIP I’m looking at issues around grief and stress and what they can do. But the story is uplifting as well as a quest narrative. It’s complicated. Because of this I know […]

#100daysofwriting 2019 Day 18

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Writing with friends. Today was the first Oldha Writing Group of the year Oldham Library. We sat down with coffee and each other and talk about our work. This is such a valuable process, where we get to air the inevitable self-doubt that working in isolation brings. We also share and receive tips and experiences. Last night we looked at opening […]

What, Where, When? with Clodagh Murphy

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I’ve been asking authors about the ‘what, where, when?’ of their writing. First up is Clodagh Murphy, author of four novels, to tell us about her writing life. Hi Clodagh. What do you write – what are you currently writing and what made you start writing in the first place? I write romantic comedy – funny, […]