Divided we are not

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Oldham gets a lot of bad press, including misrepresentation from Nigel Farage this week claiming that many areas in Oldham are ‘no-go areas’. It just so happens that the venue for my author event was smack bang in the centre of one of these areas. Alexandra Park, a beautiful Victorian space in the heart of Oldham, is often pitched by racists as somewhere race war battles are in full force every day of the week.


Perfect Ten is Published!

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I am very pleased to announce that Perfect Ten has now been published in paperback and ebook. I would like to thank my agent Judith Murray and everyone at Greene and Heaton for their support. Also my editor Sara O’Keefe and Susannah Hamilton, Kirsty Doole and Jamie Forrest and everyone at Corvus Atlantic Books for their […]


Madonna at 60

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I’m pausing my very serious book posts to reveal an amazing fact about myself: I am Madonna. Many of you who know me through my day job or through writing will probably think that I am the furthest from Madonna that you could imagine – serious, studious and sober. But ask the people who have […]


Thankful Thursday: a few good things

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I’m thankful for loving. Not love, because I have my reservations about the greeting-card socially constructed model of ‘love’ that fuels jealousy and obsession and is on the opposite dialectic to hate. More of a action of loving, because it feels good. Whatever drives people in loving, where people have a mutual respect and would […]

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This week has seen me begin a new non-fiction project where I will be writing about psychology. As in any project, the first delicious part is research. I always feel like I am somehow not working when I am researching, perhaps it’s because my passion lies in knowledge and if left to my own devices […]