BREAKING NEWS: We don’t know everything…

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I took a bus ride to Manchester yesterday to see an art exhibition. The bus was very full and I had no option but to sit upstairs, at the back, near a testosterone of teenage boys. The journey took me twenty minutes and during that time one of them hardly paused for breath, the main […]

Don’t stop believing… in baby cabbages and islands

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Until I was twenty eight I believed that Brussels sprouts were baby cabbages. It’s true. Despite having a family, a mortgage and a job, I believed this. It wasn’t until I began to understand the nature of belief and truth that I understood why. We learn stuff. We remember it in packets or schema. These […]

Change is good…

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It’s been a funny couple of weeks with a couple of u-turns. The most significant was my return to fiction writing. I decided on a change of genre and wrote a psychological thriller – they say write what you know! I ‘d had a big break from fiction writing because of disillusionment with the publishing […]

Nanowrimo – the half way mark

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This week marks the halfway post in National Novel Writing Month. How’s everyone doing? I am pleased to reports that I’m still doing well and surpassing the word count total for today. I’m absolutely delighted with my novel so far (obviously it needs editing, but that’s for another day) and I’ve learned a valuable lesson […]

Layers of life – ups and downs

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Yesterday I visited the National Air Traffic Control Centre and stood in the viewing gallery marvelling at how the people controlling the flights looked so calm and relaxed. I found out something I never realised before, despite being a regular flyer: how the airspace is split both horizontally and vertically. This made me suddenly very […]

Wacky Wednesday! It’s all in the mind…

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In this optical illusion we can see movement even though we know the picture is still and that it’s a ‘trick’. The mechanics of our eyes interacting with our brain tell us one thing is happening, yet we know in our conscious mind it is not. This illustrates the difference between information and understanding, but […]